Connect the Dots puzzles
used to be hard to create.
Not Anymore

Create your own Connect the Dots puzzles in minutes instead of hours, using your own images for inspiration or import SVG files

Hello puzzle creator,

Have you ever tried to create Connect the Dots puzzles by hand?

Sure, there are free tools that can help you, but really, were you content with the results?

And by hand…

it can take hours…

and if you decide to change some of the styling options afterwards – to change the dot size or shape, to change the font or font size…

You have to start all over.

I guess that’s why…

… many of our customers asked for Connect the Dots software.

The Connect the Dots software should…

Save you time…

Save you more time…

Create great results, and…

Offers lots of customization options

You may just need a tool that creates your puzzles fast, only slightly changing some options.

Or you may need a tool that allows you to create the perfect Connect the Dots puzzles, completely customized for your target audience.

Puzzle Maker Pro – Connect the Dots can do both.

This is unlike all other Puzzle Maker Pro modules, it’s much more powerful.

Let’s show you around.

Connect the Dots Puzzles

Connect the Dots puzzles consist of a number of numbered dots on a page.

Starting with dot 1, you connect the dots in ascending order. 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and so on, until you reach the highest number.

A completed puzzle will show a drawing. From simple animal drawings to advanced unicorns and mermaids, to complex landschapes or buildings.

Some puzzles use more than one set of dots, creating multiple paths, which may be drawn in different colors or overlap each other.

Creating Connect the Dots Puzzles

We’ve created a specialized editor where you can add the dots just by clicking the mouse on your image.
Even better: you can easily add, insert, move and delete dots. Or add dots for a crude outline first, and add details later.

The black line in the picture is the original image, the red line is the new path, based on the dots that were added.

Easily add multiple paths, to separate the outline of your shape from inner parts, such as the eyes and nose.
Choose different dot styles or numbering for the different paths.
Save your work as a preset, for later reuse or modification.

After adding the dots and paths, you can preview the puzzle and solution, and change the style.
Different dots, fonts, numbering, colors…
Change the style for each path or override the path settings with a ‘global’ style.

Using SVG files to create
Connect the Dots Puzzles

Adding and editing the points manually is great for casual users.
But if you want to create lots of Connect the Dots puzzles, puzzle books, or sell Connect the Dots puzzles as PLR, you need more.
More speed, more automation.
More results.
That’s why we created an SVG Import option. SVG is a standardized graphics format for drawings or vectorized images.

Most SVG files contain very few straight lines and lots of curved lines, especially if you created them by contour tracing a bitmap image.
Too many lines and dots to create a decent puzzle.
That’s why we added tools to reduce the number of dots.
You choose the amount of detail you want, and immediately you see the dots disappear.
For all paths at once, or for each path separate.
Like magic.

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* Note: The SVG module imports the most common SVG path types. Ongoing development will support additional features.
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